Power Yoga Canada’s Advanced Teaching Modules are weekend trainings that specialize in specific areas of learning for yoga teachers. Modules are designed to empower yoga teachers to delve deeper into their teaching and way of being. You must be a graduate of a 200 hour TT program to participate in the Advanced Teaching Modules. 
Every module requires 100 percent attendance to receive certification and all Power Yoga Canada continuing education modules can be applied to 500 hour advanced certification.


Do you feel that you have hit a plateau in your teaching? Do you catch yourself saying the same things over and over in your classes? In this module, you will explore fresh new ways to share what you love. With the use of specific, concrete tools to put into your teaching immediately, you will create new presence and connection with your students. Through live coaching and personalized feedback, you will be guided to shift into effective and powerful teaching.

  • Learn timing and seamless transitions.
  • Learn to use music powerfully to evoke your intention.
  • Explore your life experience to awaken and spark inspiration in your students.
  • Get specific and personal feedback on your teaching and way of being.
  • Access skills to enroll and explode your classes.

To participate in this module, you must be a graduate of a 200 hour teacher training program and have a passion for growth. Prior to the start of the program, you must read Journey Into Power by Baron Baptiste and familiarize yourself with the Journey Into Power sequence. If you have questions, email info@poweryogacanada.com.