PIVOT Accountability Coach Certification


When confronted with change, welcome or not, you have the opportunity to make a powerful choice. You can stay put, or YOU CAN PIVOT. The PIVOT methodology is based on the lessons Pauline Caballero has learned and put in place over and over again. Some pivots are monumental, other times it’s a pivot from work duties to mama duties, either way, it’s happening! Pivoting is not a one-time thing, it is a practice and happens moment to moment. We all feel it, CHANGE IS HERE, it isn’t coming.

Who will we be in the face of all of this? Well, that’s the beautiful thing, that choice is YOURS.

This program is designed to shake up how you, your teams, and everyone you coach can show up in the world.

We are here to ignite your curiosity, challenge you and support you. Our commitment to you and the PIVOT methodology will not end after certification. Our objective is to help you take the rewarding step from learning how to pivot for yourself, then going out and teaching people how to do it. You can effectively be a coach with teams or in a 1 on 1 environment. The transition from student to teacher is a rewarding one. If we pass on even a fraction of joy and satisfaction we have found through helping people thrive in the face of change or adversity, this program will be a great inspiration to you, the team members you coach, and their own team members in turn.

Utilizing the principles of PIVOT below, this program will provide you with the fundamental knowledge to make a difference in the world right now:

  • Perspective
  • Intuition
  • Vision
  • Obstacles
  • Tactics


This program will be co-led by PIVOT Methods Founder Pauline Caballero and PIVOT Method Certified Coaches Jane Shantz & Danielle St. John.


Saturdays & Sundays from 9:00 am – 5:00pm EST. We will be taking breaks for meals (Plan for 30-minute morning break, 90-minute lunch break + 30-minute evening break)

  • WEEKEND 1 – January 29 & 30, 2022
  • WEEKEND 2 – February 12 & 13, 2022
  • WEEKEND 3 – March 5 & 6, 2022
  • WEEKEND 4 – March 19 & 20, 2022
  • WEEKEND 5 – April 2 & 3, 2022
  • WEEKEND 6 – April 23 & 24, 2022

In order to increase your capacity to learn and understand the PIVOT method, we will be using a combination of Zoom meetings, Online Learning Platforms & Meditative Movement in order to deliver engaging content. A WhatsApp group will be created for all participants and the Architect, Pauline in order to chat and connect throughout the program and even after the program has ended! You will be creating a new network of human beings to help you along your journey as a PIVOT Coach. You will need a computer with a camera, a journal, and a mind open to possibilities.

Book a live zoom call with Director of Growth, Nick Vetro at programs@pivotmethods.com by clicking here who can share the mission of the program, the curriculum, the framework, and a typical day in the program!

Interested in what participants from prior PIVOT programs have to say? Click here!

Stay tuned for future program details to come!

PAC Program Diversity Scholarship: We are committed to diversifying the leadership and coaching community at Power Yoga Canada, therefore we invite all People of Colour (re: non-white people) to apply. The intention of this scholarship is to diversify the leadership community at PYC in order to create and sustain a more inclusive, equitable and diverse space, therefore we invite all Black, Indigenous and People of Colour to apply. If we are not intentionally including, we could unintentionally be excluding. Keeping in line with PYC’s Core Value of Diversity & Belonging we want to ensure ALL people feel welcomed, see themselves represented in leadership roles and have equal access. Click the application link below to find out if you qualify & further requirements.

Who Should Apply:

  • Any Person of Colour who is actively engaged or wants to become actively engaged in the PYC community with the intention to create greater representation as a coach and leader


be. move. fuel.

30 Days to Level Up is a program for anyone who is looking to disrupt their day to day actions.  For 30 Days, you will explore the principles of be. move. fuel. and create meaningful daily habits to level up your life.   

This program is designed to meet you wherever you are at.  We will provide some recommended guidelines for sleep & nutrition, but it is up to YOU to decide how much or how little of the program you want to take on.  You will learn how to think of success as a daily practice and stick to your goals when life tries to get in the way.

Meetings are held online! This program is revolutionary because you can participate from anywhere in the world.  We will meet weekly with the Cross Regional Coach using video calls – if you can’t make it, no sweat! We will record it and send it out with your next daily email.

$50 (Tuition includes daily emails, group coaching, chat support with your 30 days team)

You can use your current PYC membership as part of your daily movement requirement or sign up for an auto renew membership to get cross regional perks!


The Program explores the following 5 areas:

  • BE

    Create a daily practice with guided meditations from Kinndli sent to you every morning. You have to be willing to sit still to hear what your heart and intuition is saying to you. In addition to meditation, it is strongly recommended to sit still for 5 minutes a day.

  • MOVE

    Everyday you will be asked to move your body! Our preferred method of movement is 60 mins of hot sweaty power yoga, but it’s about finding movement that works for you – hit your mat daily in studio or at home, run, get active daily.

  • FUEL

    examine what fuels you; from food to your phone and everything in between.  We make some dietary recommendations & reductions during the program, but it is up to you to find what fits for you.


    As part of your daily emails, you will receive journal prompts about the daily theme.  Set aside some time each day to journal and organize your thoughts.


    We will have weekly video call meetings with the 30 Days to Level Up cross regional coach.  The facilitator will lead the call for the team to discuss the week’s successes & challenges, what came up in journalling, and goal setting for the future.  As the group moves and changes together, you will find strength and encouragement from other participants and the stories they share.



I loved the support + guidance to hold me accountable with my daily goals.


The structure of the program helps to create new habits and to actually live into what’s possible – thank you!


For me, the best part of this program had to do with setting expectations. The program lays out a plan and the execution is up to the only person that can make it work – and that is me!


Breaking it down to a daily practice meant I learned how to recommit to my goals day after day.  I learned it’s just as important to learn who you are during setbacks as much as when things are going smoothly.   

Check out your local PYC studio for their program schedule. Studios run different programs at different times throughout the year. To reserve your spot, you must pre-register and pay for the program. You can do this either online or in person. There is a no refund policy for all workshops and programs.



Empower your mind and body as you journey towards the most challenging and rewarding work of your life. The physical practice of yoga builds strength, flexibility and stamina while alleviating many symptoms of pregnancy. Gentle and moderate flow of postures and breath work will support you and your baby, and prepare you for labour. Programs run for 4 weeks and are taught in a non-heated room. Pre-register at the studio or online. If you have concerns about doing yoga, please consult your doctor first.


Mommy & Baby programs are a great chance for you to regain strength and flexibility in a relaxed environment while bonding with your new baby and other new parents. This series is an opportunity to strengthen your body and let go of stress. Your baby will benefit from bonding time with you and other babies while enjoying the benefits of yoga play and movements. Moms may receive hands on assists and babies may be cuddled. Programs run for 4, 6 or 8 weeks and are taught in a non-heated room. Pre-register at the studio or online. If you have concerns about doing yoga, please consult your doctor first.

*These programs are offered at some PYC locations. Check out the program schedule at your home studio for location specific offerings.



At most PYC locations, we offer Little Pretzel classes for your budding little yogis. It is a kids drop in yoga class that intertwines yoga poses and creative play. Little Pretzel classes are an hour long and run simultaneously with adult hot Power Yoga classes so you and your little ones get to practice at the same time. Our suggested age varies between locations. Little Pretzels classes are taught in a non-heated room and classes are drop in.


Pre-registered Little Pretzels programs allow space and time for your Little Pretzel to experience and discover yoga with a consistent group of peers. Each week has a theme and offers yoga flow, educational games, and meditation and mindfulness techniques with the intention to introduce your little one to connection with spirit, compassion for others and being of service in the world. Programs run for 4, 6 or 8 weeks and are taught in a non-heated room. Pre-registration is required.


Family classes are a playful and inspiring way to connect with your tribe and other families in your community. These classes focus on cooperation by incorporating fun partner poses into the flow, and result in lots of belly laughs. Come out to play and connect with those most important in your life. Family classes are taught in a mildly heated room.

*If you have concerns about doing yoga, please consult your doctor first. These programs are offered at some PYC locations. Check out the program schedule at your home studio for location specific offerings.



Drop off your young teen for an invigorating introduction to Power Yoga and an excellent way to set the foundation for discovering body awareness, breath, meditation and a deeper sense of self. Your teen will create connections, make friends, build self confidence and learn self awareness! Programs are taught in a non-heated room and pre-registration is required.


The 40 Days program for teens is adapted from 40 Days to Personal Revolution, a book written by Baron Baptiste. It is a breakthrough program that radically changes your teen’s relationship to themselves and to their body. Teens often experience a lot of pressure during this stage of their life and the 40 Days program works to address the challenges and life changes teens are experiencing as they embark into adulthood. Meeting weekly, teens discuss relevant topics guided by a facilitator and try on tools to awaken self awareness, build confidence and create direction in life. Programs are 6 weeks long, are taught in a non-heated room and pre-registration is required.


This week long training is perfect for any youth that wants to develop leadership skills, gain self-confidence, strengthen their sense of self and share themselves with others. It is an opportunity for them to truly step into their power and inspire their peers to do the same. Upon completion, they will have the ability to teach a yoga class, they will learn tools to deal with life successfully and will have created an action plan to be of service to others. Pre-registration is required.


May 19 – June 6 (Live & Interactive on Zoom)

*If you have concerns about your kid(s) doing yoga, please consult your doctor first. These programs are offered at some PYC locations. Check out the workshop schedule at your home studio for location specific offerings.


  • Job stress creates up to 60% of employee absenteeism. (C. Cooper & R Payne)
  • Absenteeism costs Canadian employers an estimated $8.6 billion annually. (Statistics Canada)
  • Researchers at the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center have said that a practice of yoga along with meditation can help reduce stress and improve work performance.
  • For every $1 invested in workplace wellness, a company can expect $3 in cost savings or benefits. (U. of Michigan Research Center)

Are you a business owner or CEO looking to awaken the creativity of your staff and encourage healthy living? Give your staff the benefits of yoga by simply extending your health benefits to include Power Yoga Canada classes. By giving your staff the gift of yoga you will see a moral shift in your office, sick days will decrease and productivity will increase.


We bring yoga directly to your office. Through our PYC Custom Corporate Yoga Program, we design a specific program for your company’s direct needs and desires. By incorporating yoga, meditation and nutrition we will provide your staff with a complete program designed specifically to stimulate healthy living and working behaviors.

To set up a Corporate Program at your workplace or to learn more, email atwork@poweryogacanada.com.


  • We know you can’t touch your toes, that is why you come to yoga
  • Power Yoga attracts men because of it’s intense workout and flexibility benefits
  • What would you do with all that extra strength, flexibility and stamina…… hmmmm?
  • Athletes who practice Hot Power Yoga have raved about their increase in performance and recovery
  • NBA powerhouses like Kevin Garnett, Emeka Okafor and Bruce Bowen are tried-and-true yogis
  • Abdul-Jabbar credits yoga with helping him to extend his career by seven years
  • Tom Brady is able to perform to such a high level because yoga has helped him both physically and mentally. Brady states “it’s great for flexibility, it’s therapeutic, and great for your attitude.”
  • LeBron James is a huge fan of yoga and claims it has a big impact on his success.

Three discs fused together. Limited mobility. Turning 50. Why not give PYC a shot as nothing else has worked. Three years later my only regret is I wished I had started earlier. The difference in my health is astonishing. More so then even that is the peace of mind that PYC has fostered. Any guy on the fence about trying PYC get yourself to the studio. It’s tough. And it’s entirely worth it.