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Lose Weight with Yoga

By Food for thought

Traditional yoga poses are incorporated with strength-training exercises in a style of yoga known as power yoga. It’s an excellent method for losing weight because it not only aids in calorie burning but also helps to develop muscle, which can speed up metabolism. Here is some advice for using power yoga to lose weight:

  1. A minimum of three times per week of power yoga should be practiced in order to observe improvements. Your body will be assisted in burning calories as well as adjusting to the new actions.
  2. Pay attention to your breathing because it’s important for yoga and can assist increase metabolism. Imagine that you are putting energy into your body as you inhale and that you are letting any tension or stress out when you exhale.
  3. Use your own body weight as resistance: Power yoga is a fantastic method to do this. This implies that you won’t require any additional equipment to work your muscles.
  4. Use the correct nutrients to fuel your body: For weight loss, a balanced diet is crucial. Eat a lot of fresh produce, lean protein, whole grains, and fruits and veggies. Avoid sugary beverages and processed foods.
  5. Rest up: Ensure that you receive adequate sleep every night. Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep per night. You’ll have more energy to practice yoga and keep moving throughout the day if you get enough sleep.

Power yoga is a good approach to reduce weight overall since it increases metabolism, builds muscle, and burns calories. Recall to practice frequently, concentrate on your breathing, utilize your body weight, including cardiovascular activities, nourish your body with the proper foods, and obtain enough relaxation. You can reach your weight loss objectives if you are consistent and committed.

vinyasa yoga

What is vinyasa?

By Food for thought

Vinyasa-style yoga necessitates breathing in time with movement. It is commonly referred to as a flowing or dance-like form of yoga because of the fluid transitions between poses. The vinyasa method is widely used to boost body heat and energy due to the constant flow of movement. The poses and sequences used in vinyasa sessions can be altered to meet practitioners with a variety of abilities and levels of expertise. In addition to enhancing the body’s strength, flexibility, and awareness, vinyasa yoga frequently emphasizes on the breath and the connection between the breath and movement.

These are the top five benefits of vinyasa yoga for the body and the mind:

  1. It works out the entire body. In vinyasa lessons, the constant flow of movement helps to boost cardiovascular endurance while also strengthening and enhancing muscle flexibility. Vinyasa sessions feature a variety of poses and movements that can enhance balance and coordination.
  2. It can aid in stress relief and mental clarity. In vinyasa classes, the emphasis on the breath and the present moment can assist to calm the mind and lower stress, and the practice’s physical challenges can also aid to ease tension and encourage relaxation.
  3. It can make breathing easier. Vinyasa sessions stress deep breathing and movement together, which can assist to improve lung capacity and respiratory health.
  4. It can be changed to accommodate various skill levels. Even though vinyasa sessions can be physically challenging, they can be altered to accommodate practitioners with varying levels of skill and experience. Due of this, it is available to individuals of different fitness levels and backgrounds.
  5. It may be a pleasurable and entertaining kind of exercise. It is a joyful and satisfying kind of exercise because of the fluid, dance-like motions, which may be enjoyable and rewarding.

Overall, vinyasa yoga is a fantastic form of exercise that has many positive effects on both the body and the mind. It is accessible to people of all fitness levels and abilities and has the potential to be an efficient approach to increase strength, improve flexibility, and reduce stress.

Person Holding Sound Bowls - Why do we "om"

Why do we “om”

By Food for thought

Om is a sacred sound and a symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. It is also transcribed as “Aum.” It is thought to be the primordial sound that created the universe and is regarded as the sound of the cosmos. Om is frequently recited in power yoga at the start and end of a practice as a way to connect with the divine and to foster calmness and clarity in the mind.

However, why is Om said throughout yoga? Here are some of the causes:

  1. Om stands for the supreme reality and the supreme truth. It is regarded as the greatest and most sacred syllable in Hinduism since it is thought to be the sound of the divine. By repeating Om, we are uniting with the highest reality and truth and attempting to make contact with the divine.
  2. Om promotes mental calmness as well as clarity and focus. We use the sound of Om to turn inward and concentrate on the here and now when we chant it. This can bring tranquility and clarity and assist to stop the mind’s incessant chatter.
  3. Om facilitates our connection to collective awareness. Om is chanted to unite oneself with the awareness of the universe, which is thought to resonate at the same frequency as the sound. This may contribute to a feeling of cohesion and kinship with something bigger than ourselves.
  4. The mantra Om stimulates and harmonizes the chakras. We might feel more rooted, centred, and at peace when the chakras—energy centres in the body—are in harmony. A sense of total well-being and equilibrium in the body can be attained by chanting Om, which can help to energize and balance the chakras.
  5. Om encourages the development of dedication and submission. We are giving ourselves over to the holy and developing a sense of devotion as we chant Om. As a result, we may be able to let go of any ego-driven aspirations and experience a greater sense of serenity and acceptance in our life.

We recite Om in yoga for a variety of reasons, as you can see. It stands for the highest reality and truth and promotes mental calmness, clarity, and connection to the universal consciousness. It also energizes and balances the chakras and fosters a sense of dedication and submission. A potent tool for fostering a sense of serenity and connectedness in our lives is the Om mantra.

Connecting to a higher power with yoga

By Food for thought

With a history spanning more than 5,000 years, yoga has a strong foundation in spiritual tradition therefore connecting to a higher power yoga can be present. Numerous individuals discover that doing yoga enables them to establish a connection with a higher power, which may be a god, the universe, or simply a feeling of inner calm and clarity. In this article, we’ll look at how power yoga poses, in particular, can strengthen your connection to a higher power through both group and solitary practice.

A physically taxing and difficult kind of yoga, power yoga combines strength, flexibility, and endurance. It is well-liked by those seeking a more rigorous and athletic yoga practice and is frequently compared to a gym workout. Although power yoga can be physically taxing, it is also an effective technique for connecting with and growing spiritually.

The sense of community that is frequently present in power yoga studios and classes is one way that it might help you connect with a greater force. A sense of camaraderie and support can be found while practicing with a group of people who are all striving for the same level of physical and spiritual development. You can find yourself getting support from other yogis during a strenuous power yoga practice and developing a stronger connection to your own inner strength.

A higher power can be reached via the physical practice of power yoga, in addition to the sense of community it can foster. Power yoga’s physical challenges call for a readiness to let go of distractions and thoughts of the past or future as well as a focus on the present moment. By keeping your attention on the here and now, you may calm your mind and develop a stronger bond with both your inner self and the world around you.

Through the use of intention setting, power yoga can also assist you in developing a connection with a higher power. You might be asked to set an aim for your practice at the start of a power yoga session. Finding courage and strength can be part of this, as well as inner calm and clarity. Setting an intention can assist you in focusing your mind and heart on a particular objective, and as you make progress toward that objective through your physical practice, you might discover that you are experiencing a greater feeling of meaning and purpose.

Through the use of mantra and breathwork, power yoga can also assist you in developing a connection with a higher force. In order to establish a spiritual connection and achieve inner calm, mantras and breathwork are frequently used in power yoga programs. The repetition of a word or phrase, frequently in Sanskrit, as a mantra is a means to focus the mind and establish a connection with the divine. Breathwork, sometimes referred to as pranayama, is a method for controlling the breath to calm the mind and concentrate on the present moment. Either of these practices can help you find inner peace and a connection to a higher power.

Power yoga has the potential to be an effective method for locating a higher power through interaction with others, physical activity, setting goals, and breathwork. Regardless of your level of yoga experience, power yoga can help you forge a greater connection with your inner self and the world around you. So why not give it a try and see whether power yoga will help you in your quest to connect spiritually?

Hot Vinyasa Flow Playlists from Power Yoga Canada Teachers

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”Yoga is the dance of every cell with the music of every breath that creates inner serenity and harmony.”

Check out some of the hottest playlists by Power Yoga Canada teachers that you know and love. Just like vinyasa classes, the playlist’s ebb and flow will take you on a journey. From songs you love to new discoveries, you are going to fall head over heels for these playlists.

1. TULUM Vinyasa by Aneta Pietruszko (@netzki77 on Instagram)

Spotify: Check out the Playlist here.

From upbeat to bliss, you will get a taste of everything with energetic and Tulum-inspired vinyasa flow.

2. 11.30.21 🔥 by Aneta Pietruszko (@netzki77 on Instagram)

Spotify: Check out the Playlist here.

Epic beginnings by artists like Hanz Zimmer and Alan walker will take you up and keep you lifted all day long.

3. JAM SEPT 16.22 by Kinndli McCollum (@kinndliq on Instagram)

Apple Music: Check out the Playlist here.

Starting out soft with heart-opening tracks this playlist brings the vibe and the beats with Bob Sinclair, Alicia Keys, Michael Jackson, and U2.

4. JAM AUG 19.22 by Kinndli McCollum (@kinndliq on Instagram)

Apple Music: Check out the Playlist here.

This awesome playlist with artists you love and some unknown will take you on a journey of epic discovery.

5. Cover playlist – June 7/22 by Denise Desrochers (@ddstar_25 on Instagram)

Apple Music: Check out the Playlist here.

Love covers of songs you know and love? This is the playlist for you! From 99 Red Balloons to In the Air Tonight you will definitely sing at the top of your lungs!

6. A – WM Sep 26/22 by Denise Desrochers (@ddstar_25 on Instagram)

Apple Music: Check out the Playlist here.

Vibey, nostalgic and melodic… You will definitely have this playlist on repeat!

Power Yoga Canada’s Mission in Action

By Community Feature

Since the inception of Power Yoga Canada, the mission and vision has always been to empower communities into action and I witnessed and experienced this firsthand dating back to my first yoga class at Power Yoga Canada in 2014. I quickly realized that yoga is the medium and empowered action is the goal. To empower each and every community member into living their best life on and off the mat and to be a shining light to everyone around them. Little did I know that my entire life would change for the better after 60 minutes of breath, movement, and lots of sweat.

Day 1 – FIRST EXPOSURE TO PYC AND YOGA – February 7, 2014

I remember my first experience vividly. It was on a Friday at 12pm and as soon as I walked into Power Yoga Canada Oakville for the first time, there was upbeat music playing and I was greeted with so much love and kindness that I immediately felt welcomed. I thought to myself… Did the staff already know me? Why are they talking to me as if I am an old friend and someone they missed? All I know is that it made me feel warm inside. Heading to my mat, I did minimal research on yoga and the poses that I was just about to do. I figured I am an athlete, I’ll be fine. I jumped right in and thankfully it was okay to rest at any point because I did just that. I had to stop and watch the magic happening around me in order to understand what I was asked to do. I fell in love with the practice from that moment and joined the Energy Exchange program one year later.

Day 802 – FAMILY FOR LIFE – April 19, 2016

Many days later and many yoga classes later (118 to be exact), I had a second family. Power Yoga Canada was a place where I made numerous friends, learned countless skills as an Energy Exchange team member, and transformed my health to peak performance. Not only was I focusing on my physical health, but I was also prioritizing my mental health which was something I didn’t even think about prior to yoga. All of the yoga classes and the interactions with the community made me realize that the whole is the goal and that what I had to say was important. I was growing up 1 breath at a time.

Day 2130 – TIME FOR TRANSFORMATION – December 8, 2019

After being a part of the Energy Exchange team as a member for 3 years, it was time to take the next step and transform into a yoga teacher. Before entering the program, I had no expectations. I heard such great things about the training so I was excited, nervous, and ready!

Day 2245- YOGA FOR LIFE – April 1, 2020

After 3 months of asana, meditation, and self-inquiry (lots of self-inquiry) I had transformed. Yoga teacher training is something I never thought I would do and now it’s something I think everyone should complete. I was able to shed many layers of societal expectations and beliefs. I felt brand new and ready to take on the world in a brand new way! It also made me understand that no one was coming to save me and that it was up to me to make results happen in all areas of my life.

Day 3094 – CONTINUED LEARNING – July 29, 2022

With over 2 years of teaching and guiding yoga classes, I couldn’t be more grateful to this community that shows up each and every class ready to shine brightly. I will forever be a student of this beautiful practice and look forward to the 300 hour program to continue learning and transforming.

yoga pose

Yoga Workshops Explained with Benefits

By Workshops

Workshops are a great way to expand and grow your practice with the support of PYC Trained Yoga Teachers. PYC Teacher Haze Schepmeyer shares about the current workshops held out of PYC Oakville.

  • Foundations of Flow every month
  • Inversions and Arm Balances alternate every other month

During Foundations of Flow, you’ll learn how EVERY yoga pose in our flow is Tadasana facing:

  • The front wall
  • The side wall
  • The floor
  • The ceiling
  • Two directions (e.g., Revolved Crescent Lunge and Chair Twist)
Haze’s nickname for this workshop is 50 Ways to Take Tadasana. Whether you’ve been doing yoga for weeks or for years, this workshop will give you access to alignment cues for stacking your bones so that your muscles are doing less work and you can hold each pose longer while truly balancing effort and ease.
During Inversions, you’ll review the 15 instances in the flow where you heart is below your hips and show you how to use the inversions on your hands and feet (e.g., Forward Fold, Ragdoll, Downward-Facing Dog, Standing Split, Pyramid) as the foundation for the inversions on your hands and/or head (e.g., Crow, Handstand, Headstand, Forearm Stand, Scorpion).
During Arm Balances, you’ll learn how each of these poses is 20% strength and 80% balance/stability once you stack your bones, distribute your weight and feel around for your Tadasana. I usually cover:
  • Crow
  • Crane
  • Firefly
  • Side Crow
  • Fallen Angel
  • Knee-to-Elbow hover
  • Flying Half-Pigeon

Here’s what other yogis have to say…

“Haze’s inversion workshop has given me the ability to try new things in my practice by starting with the foundational theory/practice of Tadasana. Going upside down has completely restructured the rest of my practice by giving me a greater understanding of alignment in all postures. It can be easy to overlook the more technical aspects of the practice when going through the flow, but this is in fact where all the fun lies.”

“Haze has legitimately changed the way I view the foundational aspects of yoga and as a side note is an absolute treat to be around. Taking this workshop is the equivalent to breaking through to the next chapter of your practice.”

“Haze’s Foundations of Flow & Inversion Workshops have expanded my practice in ways I never imagined! For the first time in my life, I’m able to play with handstands & headstands. I literally take every opportunity I can to attend Haze’s classes. I always learn something new & have an absolute blast!”

Coming soon! 

  • Saturday, September 10th – Inversions at 1:00 p.m. (Oakville) – Sign up now!
  • Friday, September 16th – Foundations of Flow at 7:30 p.m. (Oakville) – Sign up now!
  • Inversions at PYC Burlington – Sign up coming soon!

Pauline Caballero

By Community Feature

When the unexplainable happens, you just go with it!

I will never forget trying to explain to potential business investors that we were going to open a yoga studio where you crank up the heat so students sweat profusely and we were not going to build showers. Where we would open with no sign and on the 3rd floor of a very interesting, also referred to as a grungy building.

It was then, November 2009, that the unexplainable began to happen. The profuse amount of sweat turned into a rinse of old energy and a transformation on ones self. The showers were not needed because sweaty hugs became the norm. And the grungy building with drapes to close off the room and retain the heat became cool and a part of our charm. The frustrated yogi calling in would often say, “I can’t find you” to which we would respond – “if you drove past the train tracks, you went to far”. The three flights of stairs and huffing and puffing was welcomed with, “great! Now you are all warmed up”.

It was all in our perspective, and we didn’t even know it. We were just old enough to have a large enough limit on our credit cards and young enough to be willing to max them out over and over again. It was all quite magical when one looks back from this seat. We were courageous when we needed to be and vulnerable before Brene Brown made it cool 🙂 One thing is for sure the sacrifice Kinndli and I made is nothing compared to all the people around us. Our families, my husband, our countless teachers, assistants and energy exchangers have poured all their energy, time and love into PYC!

Power Yoga Canada tore my marriage apart and glued it back together with a bond that will last many lifetimes. The practice on and off the mat is so powerful that it calms my inner critic down, silences my mind and allows me to hear the gentle whispers of my heart. Because of this community, I have gained the ability to challenge everything I know to be true and to play FULL on in my life and for that I am forever grateful. To make mistakes and clean up my messes. To stay and to be patient and to demand miracles over and over again.

I can say, I have no idea where I would be had I not stumbled into Kinndli’s class one day many years ago? Where would I be if I had said opening up a studio with someone I barely know is crazy? …but I do know the answers to these questions. I would have missed out on gaining the most amazing best friend, the most wonderful community and the craziest roller coaster ride that continues today.

Thank you – to every single person, student, assistant, teacher, energy exchanger, affiliate owner and PYC supporter off the mat, that took a chance on Power Yoga Canada. We could not have done it without YOU! Acknowledgments would not be complete without a special shout out to the unicorn of PYC herself, Kinndli, I love you and am forever grateful for the chance you took on me. The ease and flow you bestow to PYC is felt always.

May we all be silent enough to hear the gentle whispers of our heart

See you on your MAT!


Pauline, Kinndli, and families. Co-founders of Power Yoga Canada

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials

By 200 Hour Teacher Training

Are you curious about completing your 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certification? It’s important to do your research and to find the best program for you! We’ve put together some videos below so you can hear firsthand from participants of the 200 hour program that we deliver. Power Yoga Canada’s (PYC) 200 hour yoga teacher training program is a dynamic program led by PYC’s Co-Founder, Kinndli McCollum that will immerse you into self-inquiry, practice teaching, asana (practice), meditation and group discussions. You will learn the basics and the fundamental knowledge to go out into the world and to lead a Power Yoga class. You will be engaged from day one and you are able to choose from ONE of TWO options including In-Person & Online or Fully Online. Our 200 hour program is unique in that it attracts both yoga practitioners who are interested in becoming powerful yoga teachers and many people who are interested in self-inquiry and truth-seeking within themselves. Yoga Alliance certified this training will provide participants with the opportunity to teach at other studios across the globe (ensure you review other studio requirements). Click here for all of the program details for the Fall 2021 program! Click here for all of the details for the Winter 2022 program!

  • Katya touches on her experience of the 200 hour Yoga Teacher program held by Power Yoga Canada!

  •  Stephanie shares a quick video of her experience with the 200 hour Yoga Teacher program held by Power Yoga Canada!

  •  Erica shares insight on her experience of the 200 hour Yoga Teacher program held by Power Yoga Canada!

  • Power Yoga Canada teacher Rechev shares his experience with the Diversity Scholarship offered by PYC and the impact it’s had on him

  • Tim provides an in-depth look at his Yoga Teacher Training experience and the impact it had on him from start to finish

  • Power Yoga Canada teacher Kayla’s passion comes through as she dives deep into the impact this program has had on her

  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Graduate Abbey’s feedback of the program is from the heart and touches on how the program helped her come out of her shell