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In the world of yoga, where mind, body, and spirit come together, pre-yoga nutrition matters. At Power Yoga Canada, we’re all about practical, down-to-earth advice for a balanced life. Today, let’s talk about what to eat before hitting the mat, so you can feel energized and focused during your practice.

Your mood on the yoga mat is influenced by the food you eat before practice. It’s about finding the right balance between fueling up and feeling light. Here’s our no-nonsense guide to help you make the most of your pre-yoga nutrition:

  1. Timing Matters: Give yourself at least an hour or two to digest before your yoga session. Eating too close to practice can leave you feeling sluggish.
  2. Choose Wisely: Opt for foods that won’t weigh you down. Think fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, and whole grains—stuff that’ll give you energy without making you feel heavy.
  3. Stay Hydrated: Drink water or herbal teas throughout the day to stay hydrated. Being well-hydrated supports circulation and flexibility during your practice.
  4. Watch Your Portions: Keep your pre-yoga meal moderate. You want enough fuel to power through your practice, but not so much that you feel uncomfortable.
  5. Recover Right: After your yoga session, refuel with nourishing foods like smoothies, salads, and lean proteins to help your muscles recover.

By paying attention to your pre-yoga nutrition, you’re setting yourself up for a better practice. At Power Yoga Canada, we believe in taking care of both body and mind, on and off the mat. Join us as we journey towards holistic wellness—one mindful bite at a time.

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