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Power Yoga Canada is excited to introduce a revolutionary product that carries proprietary frequencies in perfect resonance so that the body can destress in only 15 minutes. A Tune session combines music and vibration to bring the body to a state of rest and recovery. Scientifically designed to communicate with the body, the TuneBed vibration sets are customized waveforms that you’ll experience as relaxing pulsations. Power Yoga Canada is the first organization to bring TuneBeds to Canada!

Vibration technology for modern mindfulness

Meet The TuneBed

Everything created at Tune.studio is developed based on two unifying principles. Firstly, vibration is the foundation of all living things and there is no doubt that we are connected through these vibrations. Secondly, Tune.studio strongly believes in the responsibility to support the perfect and intricate design of the human body so that it may function at its best.

Vibroacoustic technology is grounded in over thirty years of scientific research spearheaded by the National Institute of Health and has been continuously studied and validated by organizations such as the University of Toronto. Simply put, Tune.studio has leveraged these findings to create a conscious wellness technology that shifts the body from a “fight-or-flight” state into a rest and recovery state using sound and vibration in an efficient and effective fifteen-minute session.

The frequencies are designed to remove blockages in the body through scientifically based vibrations. Within the first five to seven minutes of your session, thoughts begin to slow down, the body begins to relax and the heart rate becomes slow and steady.

As the session progresses, the body enters a deeper state of rest. Tune.studio has decided to focus on this aspect of human biology because, the more time we spend in the parasympathetic nervous system, the healthier we are.

PYC Locations with a TuneBed

How To Book Sessions

1. Book using your PYC account via our Phone Application (Apple or Android) or through our website below:

📍 Oakville (485 Trafalgar Road) – Click here to book!

2. Arrive at the studio 10 minutes before the session starts and you’ll be able to check-in for your session up to 5 minutes before your session begins, select your frequency and slip on the headphones to immerse yourself in feel-good vibrations.

3. The session only takes 15 minutes but results in relaxation and clarity that lasts up to 24 hours.


✅ Wear comfortable clothing.
✅ Arrive 10 minutes before your session and check in at the front desk of the studio you’ve booked at.
✅ You’ll be able to start your session up to 5 minutes early.
❌ Do not arrive late as there might be someone booked in after you.
💬 You’ll receive a text message and email confirming your session details.
💤 If you fall asleep that is completely normal! Our staff may gently wake you up.


$23 + HST

The session lasts just 15 minutes and results in relaxation, clarity, and joy lasting up to 24 hours.


$100 + HST

5 sessions of relaxation and restoration to book at your convenience! Save $16.95!


$170 + HST

Try multiple frequencies multiple times with this 10 pack of sessions! Save $67.80!


$300 + HST

Set yourself up for months of mental clarity and enhanced awareness at a great price! Save $180.80!

TuneBed Frequencies

The TuneBed offers a wide variety of frequencies that provide an array of benefits! Take a look at the chart below to see the many different frequencies that you can use at each session. Whether you want to improve your mood, mental clarity or you want to reduce stress and fatigue, the TuneBed is here to help you improve your health.

TuneBed Tune Studio Tune Bed

PIVOT Talks with PC: Pivoting Business and Navigating Change

TuneBeds and Peak Neurological Optimization with Jas & Kyle from Tune.Studio

Tune into this podcast episode and learn about the mission that Jas and Kyle from Tune.Studio are up to, which includes helping people become the best versions of themselves so they can live the life they deserve. PC speaks with Tune.Studio Founder; Kyle Godfrey-Ryan and Co-Founder; Jasmine Neal about the revolutionary technology they have brought into this world known as the TuneBed and the underlying reasons why they created a product that helps the human body become more efficient in just 15 minutes. The TuneBed is an instrument that tunes the human body with specific vibrations combined with neural music to calibrate the body. The technology removes toxic levels of stress and anxiety from the body, balances the hemispheres of the brain, and resets the nervous system to a state of recovery. The human body speaks a language of vibration and the TuneBed’s medical vibrations speak to the body to bring users to a peak neurological state they are meant to operate in. In this episode, the trio unpacks fantastic insight into the human biology as well as what will happen to your brain in just 15 minutes of using the TuneBed. PC shares how the TuneBed has impacted her everyday life at home and shares the unique story as to how she was introduced to Kyle & Jas. If you are looking to increase your potential with minimal change in your daily routine, head to a select location in order to try out a TuneBed today.

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