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Youth & Teen Programs


The following programs are not delivered at all PYC locations. Check out the PYC workshop schedules at your location for location specific offerings.. [add link to locations page with MBO links.]


Teen Pre-Registered Series  |  Suggested ages 11 – 14

Drop off your young teen for an invigorating introduction to Power Yoga and an excellent way to set the foundation for discovering body awareness, breath, meditation and a deeper sense of self. Your teen will create connections, make friends, build self confidence and learn self awareness! Programs are taught in a non-heated room.


40 Days Program For Teens  |  Suggested ages 11 – 14

The 40 Days program for teens is adapted from 40 Days to Personal Revolution, a book written by Baron Baptiste. It is a breakthrough program that radically changes your teen’s relationship to themselves and to their body. Teens often experience a lot of pressure during this stage of their life and the 40 Days program works to address the challenges and life changes teens are experiencing as they embark into adulthood. Meeting weekly, teens discuss relevant topics guided by a facilitator and try on tools to awaken self awareness, build confidence and create direction in life. Programs are 6 weeks long are taught in a non-heated room.


**See testimonials below.


Youth Leadership Program  |  Suggested ages 10 – 15

This week long training is perfect for any youth that wants to develop leadership skills, gain self-confidence, strengthen their sense of self and share themselves with others. It is an opportunity for them to truly step into their power and inspire their peers to do the same. Upon completion, they will have the ability to teach a yoga class, they will learn tools to deal with life successfully and will have created an action plan to be of service to others.


*If you have concerns about doing yoga, please consult your doctor first.


Testimonials for the 40 Days Program For Teens


**Bryan, please add the testimonials below. If they are too long, let us know how long you would like them to be and we can cut them down.

Testimonial 1:

Thank you Jenn and Monica for your support throughout 40 Days! I am so grateful for this experience, it has taught me so much and developed me as a person. The biggest concept I have grasped from 40 Days is being aware of my thoughts and emotions, being able to accept and being conscious of their presence. There is so much that goes on in our heads, so many expectations we feel we have, so many images of who and what we think we should be. Bringing awareness helps me everyday to accept myself and the challenges I face. I have gained a more positive approach and become more accepting. I feel that somehow, I’m more certain that I can reach my goals. I trust myself and I am confident to pursue them. I believe that I can and will get there! Thank you to everyone who has ever crossed my path, you have helped me on my journey!


Testimonial 2:

Before Teen 40 Days, I had hardly done any yoga. I did not know where to begin, so I took the leap and went right into the 40 Day program. I can safely say that through my experiences in the Teen 40 Days program, I have not only learned how to love yoga; I have learned how to love myself! The program challenged me to really reflect on my thoughts and the impact they have on my life. Through the physical aspect of the program, I got to push myself past the limits of what I thought was possible. I also met some truly incredible people. During the meetings, I got to share my thoughts with other teens my age and hear their own stories. I walked out of every meeting with new tools to help me manage my stresses and worries. I learned so much about who I am and what I am capable of in those 40 short days, and I truly had a breakthrough in confidence. I am now a dedicated and passionate yoga student, and I have Teen 40 Days, Jenn, and Monica to thank!