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This spring has brought fourth so many opportunities for me. I started my own Slow-Pressed Juicing company, increased my responsibilities at my “Big Girl Job” and walked over a dozen clients through my comprehensive compassionate eating starter program.

I was enjoying the flow and the expansion I was feeling both personally and professionally. I had also recently  recommitted to  pushing my body to new lovely/strong limits (‘cause with the new workload I needed to make sure I was prepared to take it all on).

As the universe does, right after I made my out loud commitment to a fresh and rejuvenated personal fitness routine Kelly Nightingale (co-owner at PYC Oshawa and all-around great gal!) reached out and asked me if I would come out and take a sneak-peak class introducing Strength classes to the PYC Oshawa roster! How could I say no to that karmic hi-five?


The lovely and motivating Kelly


Kelly explained they were looking to introduce a new format called PY STRENGTH and that she would love for me to check it out and then (of course) share my experience with all of you! I said “Heck Yah” and found myself locked and loaded for 75mins (the new schedule has the class available for 60 mins) of seeing what I was made of!

Before I share my experience with you let me explain that I love me some Baptiste flow. I have taken (and taught) several types of yoga over the 20+ years I have been in the industry and I whole-heartedly believe that most types of traditional foundations have a purpose and serve a need for all of those that practice regularly. However, the Hot Vinyasa Baptiste Flow taught at PYC is “it” for me.

Needless to say, I did have a tiny part of my soul that was worried that this new format of PY Strength was going to deviate too far from what I had come to love!?

I can say without a doubt …That is absolutely not the case! The class focuses on control and muscle foundation. using Isotonic exercises. Exercises or poses are considered Isotonic when there is constant tension throughout a movement as opposed to most yoga consisting of Isometric exercises where there is muscle contraction but no movement (think bicep curl vs. a static plank!!) 13310585_1172508829467681_9185526002171503262_n

The folks at PYC have created this new format that takes the poses and flow we love and have incorporated repetitive movements that take your practice up about 80 notches all the while maintaining the integrity and flow of a traditional flow class.

The results are pretty fabulous! My sneak peak had about 25 folks in the class and we worked HARD! Kelly had us aware of the foundation of each pose and then incorporated reps and movement that took the muscle output up considerably. I LOVED the class and although the studio wasn’t quite as hot as usual, the amount of healthy glowing sweat was about 10 fold in that room! 13332900_1172508886134342_626787582608498321_n

PYC Oshawa has offered several options throughout the week to try out this new format. Throwing this workout into my normal PYC rotation is going to give me the boost I was looking for to really see how far I can take this lovely-forgiving and capable body of mine! Thanks Kelly for the invite and for creating this format with your team. As far as I am concerned it is a new staple in the PYC pantry!!




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