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200 Hour Teacher Training

What’s next after the PYC 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training?

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So you’ve decided to focus on your personal growth and are looking at completing the Power Yoga Canada 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training! Embarking on this transformative journey goes beyond just teaching yoga. As you step out of the training, you’re likely wondering, “What’s next?” In this blog post, we’ll explore the exciting possibilities that await you after this life-changing program. 







1. Transformative Personal Growth

The Power Yoga Canada 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training is not just about learning the art of yoga instruction; it’s a profound personal journey. As you delve into the depths of yoga philosophy, asanas, and meditation, you gain valuable tools that will change every aspect of your life. The self-awareness, discipline, and mindfulness cultivated during the training will positively impact your relationships, your work, and your self-expression.

By mastering the physical and mental aspects of yoga, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. This newfound insight will help you navigate life’s challenges with grace and resilience.

2. Confidence as a Yoga Teacher

One of the most significant achievements of the Power Yoga Canada 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training is the confidence it instills in you as a yoga instructor. You’ve honed your teaching skills, deepened your understanding of yoga, and developed the ability to guide others on their yoga journey. You’ll leave the program with the knowledge and confidence to lead classes, inspire your students, and share the gift of yoga with the world. And don’t forget that the confidence you gain will spill over into other areas of your life.

3. Exploring Unlimited Possibilities

The opportunities that open up after completing the training are boundless. Power Yoga Canada alumni have taken their training to the next level and discovered a myriad of possibilities, including:

  • Opening Power Yoga Canada Yoga Studio: Some graduates have gone on to open their Power Yoga Canada studios. This not only allows them to share their passion for yoga but also empowers them to create a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. 
  • Initiating Other Businesses: The skills acquired during the 200-hour training are transferable to various fields. Some graduates have ventured into wellness coaching, and holistic health practices, or even started their own businesses related to yoga and wellness. 
  • Leading Yoga Retreats Abroad: If you’re looking for an international adventure, consider leading yoga retreats abroad. The Power Yoga Canada community extends beyond borders, and you can use your training to guide students on transformative journeys in exotic locations.

4. Continuing Education

Your journey as a yoga teacher doesn’t end with the 200 hour training; it’s just the beginning. Power Yoga Canada offers advanced training programs, workshops, and mentorship opportunities to help you deepen your practice and teaching skills. These ongoing educational opportunities allow you to stay connected with the Power Yoga Canada community and continue evolving as a yoga teacher.

5. Becoming a Catalyst for Change

As a graduate of the Power Yoga Canada 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training, you have the power to inspire positive change in the lives of others. By sharing the knowledge, wisdom, and transformative experiences you’ve gained, you become a catalyst for personal growth and well-being in your community. 

In conclusion, completing the Power Yoga Canada 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is just the beginning of an incredible journey. You’ve gained the tools to transform yourself and those around you, whether you choose to teach yoga, open a studio, explore new business ventures, or simply deepen your personal practice. The possibilities are limitless, and your journey as a confident yoga teacher has only just begun. Embrace the opportunities that lie ahead, and continue to spread the power of yoga to create positive change in the world.

Decide which 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training is right for you:

1) Winter 2024 Seek the Truth 

The program runs from January 2024 until April 2024 over 7 weekends and 11 Wednesday evenings with participants being able to choose in-person or fully online! Saturday and Sunday afternoons will be in-person at the PYC Oakville location if you choose to be. All participants have the choice to come in person or stay online for the entire program. Wednesday evenings will be fully online for everyone.

Click here to begin your journey!

2) Nicaragua Intensive Spring 2024 Seek the Truth 

The program runs from April 15 – 26, 2024, and will have participants transforming abroad in Nicaragua for 12 intensive days. Everything is included in the tuition except for your flights to and from Nicaragua.

Click here to begin your journey!

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials

By 200 Hour Teacher Training

Are you curious about completing your 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certification? It’s important to do your research and to find the best program for you! We’ve put together some videos below so you can hear firsthand from participants of the 200 hour program that we deliver. Power Yoga Canada’s (PYC) 200 hour yoga teacher training program is a dynamic program led by PYC’s Co-Founder, Kinndli McCollum that will immerse you into self-inquiry, practice teaching, asana (practice), meditation and group discussions. You will learn the basics and the fundamental knowledge to go out into the world and to lead a Power Yoga class. You will be engaged from day one and you are able to choose from ONE of TWO options including In-Person & Online or Fully Online. Our 200 hour program is unique in that it attracts both yoga practitioners who are interested in becoming powerful yoga teachers and many people who are interested in self-inquiry and truth-seeking within themselves. Yoga Alliance certified this training will provide participants with the opportunity to teach at other studios across the globe (ensure you review other studio requirements). Click here for all of the program details for the Winter 2024 program!

  • Katya touches on her experience of the 200 hour Yoga Teacher program held by Power Yoga Canada!

  •  Stephanie shares a quick video of her experience with the 200 hour Yoga Teacher program held by Power Yoga Canada!

  •  Erica shares insight on her experience of the 200 hour Yoga Teacher program held by Power Yoga Canada!

  • Power Yoga Canada teacher Rechev shares his experience with the Diversity Scholarship offered by PYC and the impact it’s had on him

  • Tim provides an in-depth look at his Yoga Teacher Training experience and the impact it had on him from start to finish

  • Power Yoga Canada teacher Kayla’s passion comes through as she dives deep into the impact this program has had on her

  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Graduate Abbey’s feedback of the program is from the heart and touches on how the program helped her come out of her shell

Your Questions Answered for Yoga Teacher Training

By 200 Hour Teacher Training, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

As Power Yoga Canada (PYC) excitedly prepares to host the hybrid 200 hour Winter 2024 yoga teacher training, a lot of questions come through from potential participants. 

  1. How does an online and in-person program function?
  2. Will I learn everything I need to in order to become a successful yoga teacher?
  3. Can online yoga teacher training be as effective online as it is in person?
  4. What if I don’t want to teach yoga? 

About Power Yoga Canada’s 200 hour Yoga Teaching Training

The PYC 200 hour teacher training is unique as it touches on our culture that has been created and developed since the first doors were opened in 2009. Throughout the training, so much of the culture is brought forth through the methodology, yoga philosophy, the poses, and all of the transformational activities. As we all know, teachers play an integral part in the magic behind what PYC stands for, and therefore in order to ensure our guests experience the magic, it’s important for all teachers to go through the PYC 200 hr training in order to teach at any PYC location or on the PYC at Home Zoom platform. And can we not forget that Kinndli McCollum leads the training? Like, come on. The unicorn of all unicorns! Do not let being tech-savvy stop you from taking this transformational program because we have an amazing team here at PYC who will support you and will ensure you are good to go.

The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program is the first step in your journey as a yoga teacher so continue reading to find out more!

1. How does an online and in-person program function?

Power Yoga Canada is providing multiple options for guests to engage in the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program for Winter 2024 to make it accessible and to provide guests with the ability to take part in-person or online from anywhere in the world. With the use of technology and facilitation tools, we ensure that all guests, whether they are fully online or in-person and online, will have an engaging and transformational experience. Take a look below to understand what each option entails:

  1. In-Person and Online- participants choosing this option will be fully engaged with participants online and in-person. They will start online on Zoom Saturday morning for a few hours before heading to the PYC Oakville Studio in the afternoon and evening (all participants are given 90 minutes to head to the PYC Oakville Studio). On Sunday, participants will once again start on Zoom in the morning for a few hours before heading to the PYC Oakville Studio in the afternoon. On Wednesday, all participants are fully online from 6 pm – 9 pm EST.
  2. Online- participants choosing this option will be online for the full duration of the program interacting with people in person and on Zoom provided with the same experience and level of care.

It is important to us that all participants have a fantastic experience so if you have any hesitation for either of the options please let us know so we can do our best to accommodate for you.

2. Will I learn everything I need to in order to become a successful yoga teacher?

Yes, you most certainly will! All of the content is delivered to help ensure you are putting what you learn right to practice! There is LABBING where you go through each and every pose of the yoga sequence known as the Power Yoga Canada Flow and you will dissect the poses with all of your peers. Furthermore, you are engaged in experiential learning throughout the entire program by teaching yoga to your fellow peers. There are presentations on the history of yoga, the anatomy of yoga, the Hindu gods, and much more! Another important aspect of yoga teacher training is the self-inquiry work and activities that you take part in. The work and activities that you go through allow you to discover your true, authentic voice and help you find the confidence you had in you all along. We’ve received great feedback about the content of the program including two comments from recent graduates: 

“The content was fantastic. I really enjoyed all the topics we covered. I liked that every day had a theme and a quote. I also really enjoyed hearing others speak and spending time discussing our learnings in small groups. This helped me understand the content on a deeper level.”

“I honestly couldn’t believe how thorough this program was, to be honest. Even with the steps, we could take after the program! This program was so humbling because of the amount of trust PYC puts in their students and I felt the sincerity of wanting to support us after we come out of our cocoons. I wouldn’t change a thing (and I’m so grateful for all of it)!”

3. Can online yoga teacher training be as effective online as it is in person?

Before our first 200 hour Online Yoga Teacher Training took place in May 2020, we had no expectations going in. We hadn’t run one before and Power Yoga Canada is known for providing transformational, high-quality training so we had a lot on the line. We took the leap of faith just a month before the program began and put all of our focus on how it would be delivered. Weeks leading up to the program we had many people interested and kicked off the program with 37 eager yogi’s ready to take on a new journey. A transformational journey.  Below are a couple of comments from graduates of the program:

“The facilitation was amazing, I know it was a group program, but there were so many different times where I felt like the program facilitators were talking directly to me. This really enhanced my experience and was very stimulating. It opened me up to participate in ways I never thought I would.”

“I loved the online aspect! I thought I would miss out on taking the program online, but I don’t think I did at all! I feel like I made genuine connections, made new friends, and I was still able to hear others speak to the group and have small group discussions. I liked that there was no commute to and from training and that I didn’t have to pack everything. It was really nice to have the training in the comfort of my own home. I was very pleasantly surprised!”

4. What if I don’t want to teach yoga? 

PYC has had many individuals take part in our Yoga Teacher Training who simply want to learn more about their own yoga practice and have come out of the training with great knowledge and insight. The self-inquiry aspect is also proven extremely beneficial to all graduates who leave with more clarity in their life’s purpose and have become more self-aware in all areas of their lives. We have seen genuine connections and lifelong friendships created through the programs and we are extremely honoured to be able to lead such a transformative program online to people around the entire globe.

I want to leave you with one personal experience that was shared with us from a graduate of the Summer 2023 training:

“PYC Teacher Training has been pivotal in my own personal and professional transformation. I came to this program with zero expectations but fully submerged myself within the program and community. This program put me through many uncomfortable situations but soon these situations became more comfortable. I then began realizing my potential and possibilities are limitless. In turn, I have a new perspective of who I am. One that is closer to my core values. This new awareness helps me take pride in my attributes, loving what I have, and just being myself. I know If I’m faking it I can never be happy. With this perspective, I live with a new Mantra, “Now everything I do I do it with my heart and I do it so well.” Thank you PYC and the tools you have provided me to better myself and those around me.”

If you have any questions at all please feel free to reach out to PYC’s Director of Growth, Nick Vetro, any time at or by text/call at 905-808-3330.

2020 Spring Online 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Video Testimonials

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