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If I just had more time

By November 1, 2013Uncategorized

I’ve been really struggling with time lately and feeling like I just don’t have enough of it. I’ve used this as an excuse to stay away from writing. The inspiration hasn’t been there. The words haven’t been coming. So every time I sit down to post, I tell myself I just don’t have enough time. There’s more important, more productive things I could be doing and off I go.

I convince myself that if I just had more hours in the day and more days in the week and more years in my life, I could get my writing going again. And it doesn’t stop at this. There’s a long list of things I would do, poses I would master, and places I would see if I only had the time.

In the airport last Thursday, I picked up Mitch Albom’s The Time Keeper. I was looking for a light read – since I don’t have enough time for a long one – and this looked like it would do the trick.

Moral of the story: the moment we started tracking time was the moment that we stopped appreciating life.

How many Sunday’s do you spend wishing you had another day to your weekend? How many work days do you look at the clock and think if you just had more time you could finish everything AND get to add some fun to your life after? How many times have you thought OMG, my life is flying by?

And the funny thing is, all this time we spend wishing we had more time just gives us less of it. We waste the time we do have in our heads. We don’t appreciate the moment.

This quick little read on an airplane taught me an important lesson. I can’t get more time but what I can do is use the time I’m given wisely. I can appreciate it. I can put it towards a good purpose.

This little lesson in time can be applied to so many other things in life. It’s simply really.

Stop asking for more and start appreciating what you have.

Jenn Dwyer
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