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PYC Folk!! Meet Nicole S.

By October 8, 2015Uncategorized

A few months back I had a super passionate PM fill my inbox with joy and intensity. It was from Nicole Shaw a Power Yoga Instructor at the Oshawa location. She really wanted people to hear why Private Yoga sessions at PYC where so beneficial to all levels of yogi’s!

And, she wanted me to write about it on the Blog!


Fast forward a few weeks and I had a better proposal for her. Why don’t we do an interview and YOU can tell people why they need private sessions in their lives!!! Nicole was all in, and super excited! So we had a passionate discussion and the following is what manifested!

Firstly, HERE are the details on Private Sessions. You can chose Private (One on One) Group Private (great for a bridal shower, team building or family bonding time!! –especially after too much Turkey!)

AC: What are the benefits of a private session with PYC?

NS: The benefits of a private session at any one of the Power Yoga Canada locations far outweigh the hesitations people may have about having that much attention focused on them. You benefit from individualized attention, you can work toward any sort of specific goal or work around a health concern. You are exposed to a world of modifications that you can take back into your own individual practice.Nicole1

AC: What is the best part of a Private Session for the Instructor?

NS: We love the chance to utilize what we have learned and continue to learn. Especially if our yogi has a special goal or concern they would like addressed. I find that I grow with every private session I conduct. I am constantly learning from our Yogi’s.

AC: What drew you to PYC?

NS: I love that PYC sees the “big picture” they see the benefits of Community engagement and I think there overall vision really draws in like-minded people, that are able to create a positive place in our communities.

AC: What drew you to yoga?

NS: I became an instructor after college. I started to have bad panic attacks and anxiety issues and yoga became a safe place for me to work out what I was feeling. It allows me an alternative to the medications my doctor initially prescribed.

AC: What is your favorite quote? Something that sums you up?

NS: It is a quote I read by Aristotle;

Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives – choice, not chance, determines your destiny.”Nicole2

AC: Piece of advice for anyone looking to join the PYC community?

NS: Start Now, Nothing is holding you back but you!!


Amber and Nicole



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