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Taking Yoga on Vacation – How to keep up your practice Out-Of-Town.

By October 29, 2015Uncategorized

Vacations can quickly become an opportunity for all sorts of trains to be derailed and wagons to go off track!! We have the best of intentions to use our extra down time while on vacation to get in extra or new workouts. Somewhere between the all-you-can-eat buffet and the late nights our intentions can seem to just disappear. Luckily, yoga is probably the easiest form of physical activity to take with us on our get-aways.PYC

Firstly check out if your destination has a PYC location if you have a Universal Yoga Pass you are able to attend all PYC locations. This is a great option if visiting family, or out of town for work!!!

If your destination doesn’t have a PYC location check out my tips below to keep your yoga flowing and make your vacation a true opportunity to refuel and recharge!!

  1. Utilize Your Change of Scenery – One of the best benefits of being a regular yogi is being able to connect to your surroundings, and what better place to do that then on vacation. Beaches, mountains, forests and jungle settings all lend themselves to an awesome and expansive yoga session. Connect with the location that drew you to visit in the first place and incorporate your flow into your temporary surroundings.
  2. Bring a Travel Mat (or Towel) – Travel yoga mats are a great investment. They take up way less space than a traditional yoga mat and can easily be packed in a suitcase or strapped to a back pack. If space is an issue you can also ask the hotel, resort or hostel you staying at if they have a mat you could borrow throughout your stay! You would be surprised how many vacation destinations will oblige your request!!
  3. Shorter Sessions – Don’t let a busy itinerary throw you off your routine. Short sessions that really target a specific body part can really boost your yoga practice. Spending your vacation focusing on hip-openers can do amazing things when you return to your full practice. Fit in one or two shorter sessions between sight-seeing and you will be very pleased with what that can do for your practice.
  4. Enjoy the Alone Time – Vacations (especially ones that have big groups or require you visiting relatives) can be very stressful and full of CONSTANT social interaction. Schedule in your yoga practice and be vocal about disconnecting from the group to attend to your practice. Enjoy the quiet and come back to your group ready for some more heavy–duty socializing!
  5. Podcasts – This is definitely my number one tip!! I regularly download my favorite classes from the PYC website and bring my fav instructors with me! I love bringing my practice with me and plugging into a great class and keeping my yoga practice on track, all while I enjoy my new “home” and all of the amazing sights and sounds that accompany it!

Going on vacation is a fantastic chance to really focus on your practice and come back to “The Real World” improved and focused. Set the intention and be prepared before you leave and most importantly enjoy your vacation no matter how big or small, exotic or local it is!

Enjoying the sights on our most recent vacation!

Enjoying the sights on our most recent vacation!




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